Sacred Heart Church - The Heart and Hands of the Community


In the early Church the Usher was known as the "Porter".  The Porter was a person who was stationed at the door to admit or assist those entering the church.

Today, Ushers are known as "Ministers of Service" or "Ministers of Hospitality".

The Ushers are asked to arrive at the Church at least ten to fifteen minutes earlier than the Mass or service, giving them a chance to straighten out the appearance of the Church before the Mass or service, hand out bulletins, greet the people cheerfully and warmly as they enter, and to assist the people to their pew for seating.

The Ushers should come properly dressed and be attentive to both the Mass or service, and to what is going on in the Church.

Ushers take up the collection and are responsible for securing the collection.

The Ushers also see to it that Communion will be distributed in an orderly and respectful way.

At all times they will be ready to assist in any emergency.

After the Mass or service, the Ushers see to it that the people leave safely as they exit the Church. Last, but not least, they will be available for Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, and when called upon to assist at any Church function.