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Memorial Candles

Many people enter a Catholic church, and seek to light a candle with a private prayer intention, or on a birthday, an anniversary, at Christmas or during a wedding or funeral mass. Light one for yourself as a Special Intention.  Candles that your light at mass will stay lit for 24 hours. 

However, there are times when you would like to have that outward symbol of a beacon of light for memorial of a loved one. 

  • Payments must be made in the Rectory office. 
  • Candles may be lit for deceased loved ones, no matter their religion or affiliation with Sacred Heart. 
  • Candle label is limited to no more than 30 letters (including spaces) per line.
  • Candles can be lit for an extended amount of time at the following amounts:
    • $25/month
    • $45/2 months
    • $65/ 3 months
    • $85/ 4 months
    • $100/ 5 months
    • $120/ 6 months
    • $200/year