Sacred Heart Church - The Heart and Hands of the Community

Mount Olivet Cemetery


Father Nardiello, the founding pastor of Sacred Heart Church, thought not only of the when the members of his congregation were here in this world, but also of when they would be passing to the next.

He turned his thoughts toward the dead, because even those beyond his spiritual  care in this life were not forgotten by him.  A resting place had to be provided for those who died in the Lord.  In 1883, a tract of land of about eleven acres, formerly owned by Mr. A. Baldwin, was purchased to be used as a cemetery and named Mount Olivet.

In short order it was fenced in and duly blessed.  Steps were taken right away to beautify the property, and carriage roads and walks were laid out.

Another part of a well-ordered parish had been provided for.

The cemetery is located in Bloomfield at the end of Cottage Place.  The cemetery office is located in the rear of 23 Cottage Place.  Phone number for the cemetery office is 973-748-8384.