Sacred Heart Church - The Heart and Hands of the Community

Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to ensure that the life of the parish reflects the mission of Jesus Christ and that all parishioners are provided with the opportunity to share in that mission.  The mission of Jesus Christ is carried out in union with the church universal and must be reflected in the local church by collaboration of the parishioners with the leadership of the Archdiocese along with the pastor and pastoral staff.

The Council, through the faithful pursuit of the mission of Jesus, serves as an instrument for renewal in witnessing to and carrying out the Gospel message,  In the final analysis, there are two elements to the purpose of every parish: a continuing awareness of and a witnessing to the mission of Jesus Christ.

The role of the Council should reflect its own unique environment.  By virtue of its purpose, and in light of parish realities, the Council may assume many roles.  These roles include being a envisioner, evaluator, recommend-er, coordinator, and implementer.  Ideally, these roles are carried out in combination with each other.

 The Pastoral Council for Sacred Heart confirms to a model designated as a Council of Ministries.  Members are selected to Council by their peers within each cluster of ministries.  The four main areas under which all other ministries are clustered are:

Word: All ministries associated with proclaiming and teaching the Good News in order to foster Christian discipleship.

Worship: All ministries involved in enhancing the journey of faith through prayer, spirit and life, Eucharistic and other liturgical services and sacramental celebrations.

Community Building: All ministries engaged in providing an environment where people experience a sense of belonging, support, ongoing conversion and encouragement to participate in the mission of Jesus.

Service: All ministries working together to bring the Gospel message to the world through actions center on justice, peace, and charity.