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Eucharistic Procession

On the insistence of our laity, whose hearts are inflamed with the desire to spread Eucharistic devotion, we have petitioned His Eminence, Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, CSsR, and been granted permission to have a Eucharistic Procession. On the Feast of Corpus Christi from Sacred Heart in Bloomfield, down Bloomfield Avenue to the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. On Sunday, June 19 at 2:30 pm (leaving from 76 Broad Street in Bloomfield) to approximately 4:30PM (ending at 89 Ridge Street, Newark)

There will be a shuttle van making trips back to Sacred Heart in Bloomfield from 5PM to 7PM.



In an age of divisiveness, and polemics this is a reminder that we must all be united by the “source and summit of Christian Life” found in the Holy Eucharist.

Therefore, we ask all participants to leave all political and worldly “causes” identification at home and be united by the one sacrifice of Christ for the whole world. We do encourage members of Catholic religious communities, parishes and ministries to participate and identify with their one banner of identification.

But, political messaging will not be appropriate for the solemn procession. Please see below for banner information.


Procession Route

We will begin at approximately 2:30pm, after the Novena to the Sacred Heart at 2:15 from 76 Broad Street, Bloomfield NJ, 

We anticipate arrival of the group at the Cathedral Basilica at or before 4:30PM, at which point we will be observing solemn Benediction. 

The procession will occupy the sidewalk of Bloomfield Avenue and then continue south on Ridge Street to the Cathedral Basilica. All those we encounter along this 3.3 mile route will have the opportunity to adore the Lord and witness the public profession and beauty of our Catholic faith.

The local chapter of the Knights of Columbus is interested in helping usher the Eucharist safely to the Cathedral, and we will be escorted by the Essex County Sheriff's office. 

Banners for the Procession

All parishes, parish schools, organizations within parishes and Catholic ministries are invited to carry a banner in the Eucharistic Procession. Please carefully review the information below regarding acceptable banner design and display.

Guidelines to follow when creating your Banner

  • At a minimum, banners should include the name of your parish or organization.
  • Banners should be made using a lightweight material, given that heavy cloth will risk making the banner too heavy to carry for the full route of the procession.
  • As you design your banner, remember that many people will be seeing it from a distance and in order to make it readable, it should feature large lettering.
  • The message and any imagery in your banner MUST be in keeping with the teaching of the Catholic Church. Banners should NOT include a political message, an endorsement of an individual, or otherwise include a message not respectful of Gospel values.*
  • Please remember to take your banner and stand with you when you leave at the conclusion of the Assembly!

*Planners of the Eucharistic Procession reserve the right to reject any banner that endorses an individual or otherwise is contrary to Church teaching or the spirit of the event.

Additional Information

As this is a solemn procession of our Blessed Sacrament, all are welcome to come and walk with us. No musical instruments, nor amplification of any kind can be used, the Sacred Heart Choirs will be leading the singing of traditional Eucharistic procession songs for the duration of the route. Music booklets will be available from the route's beginning, mid and end points. 


RSVP Instructions

Ordained Procession Welcome

 Laity Procession Welcome

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